How come I never heard of this thing before? I think in high school I knew a girl who used Instead, but those are disposable. This thing can be used over and over. It’s awesome!


  • Does not leak AT ALL. I don’t have to wear a pad or a pantyliner. After having my baby, either my periods got heavier or my vagina is just bigger because with tampons I leak ALL the time. I only buy OB (applicators are the most ridiculous thing on the planet), and OB are super tiny. So they leak.
  • You can wear it for up to 12 hours, which means you don’t have to worry about rinsing it out or inserting it in a public bathroom.
  • It sits much lower than a tampon, so it should be even easier than inserting¬† a tampon without an applicator (for those of you who still use applicators). And there are no icky fibers drying out the walls of your vagina.
  • You can actually track your fluid. It makes so much sense. The way Elimination Communication allows you to actually see how much your baby is urinating, you can actually compare whether your period is lighter or heavier than average.
  • It’s cheap ($40 one-time cost, see update 1 below) compared to the cost of tampons, pads, and pantyliners ($40 - $80 per year)!!
  • No risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome!

Overall: good for the planet (see Update 2 below), good for your wallet, good for your body.


  • Took me a few tries to figure out how to insert it, which is not a con at all since the same thing happened when I was 15 and couldn’t figure out how to insert a tampon. I had to read the directions back then, and I had to read the directions this time, too. Go figure.
  • They recommend getting a new one every year, which it still a lot of waste for every female on the planet for every year between puberty and menopause (see update 1 below).

Update 1: I just saw that the Lunette can last 5-10 years, damn! Should have done my homework! I have the Diva Cup, and it doesn’t actually say you need a new one every year; it just says that’s what they recommend. Wonder if there’s any difference between brands of cups.

Update 2: The Lunette also says, “You can trow your cup to a bin but we recommend burning. When burning your cup will only create white ash and not any harmful chemicals or gas.” Even more awesome for the planet!

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